IMPROVE Communication, INCREASE Practice Profits
A look at how patient communication systems can help your practice grow.

Making and keeping dental appointments usually isn’t a top priority for your patients–as much as you might wish it was. They’re busy people with hectic work schedules and demanding social lives, and oftentimes dental appointments get knocked down to the bottom of their to-do list.

To help keep dentistry top of mind, you might want to consider investing in a patient communication system. There are a variety of communication systems on the market, all designed to keep patients coming back to your practice while attracting new patients as well.


Key Opinion Leader: Dr. Michael Miyasaki

Taking on debt to purchase equipment that will lead to practice growth is also a good investment—but only if the equipment allows you to add services your patients want and if you’re actually going to use it, Dr. Miyasaki said. Lack of follow through can be costly, but if you properly implement technologies like laser dentistry or cone beam into your practice, not only will you be able to offer patients better care, you’ll also see a return on that investment.


Caries Detection

Caries detection devices can help you diagnose caries earlier and provide patients with the treatment they need before the problem becomes worse. There are a variety of devices on the market, all designed to make caries detection as seamless and as minimally invasive as possible.