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Improve Communication in Your Office

When you’re starting a new practice, it takes time to get to know your team members and to build routines— but you certainly don’t want these growing pains to hold you back from success early on.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in intraoffice communication from the beginning. The right system can help improve practice efficiencies as well as keep you on track throughout the work day.

Even so, intra-office communication usually isn't top of mind when new dentists think about what they need in a successful practice, VisiCom Sales Manager Kat Brousseau said. They're focused on investing in the right equipment and technology, as well as effective practice management software, an easy-to-use telephone system and a seemingly endless amount of supplies. They don't think of an intra-office communication system as a fundamental need, though it's one that can streamline their day and help set them up for success in the future.

A new dentist is going to have a slower pace and not as many patients so they might not need this as much, but in my experience, training somebody to integrate a new system into their practice after they've been doing something for a few years is a challenge," said Dr. Lorne Lavine, President/ CEO of the Digital Dentist. "It makes sense for new dentists to learn one of these systems from the get-go and to include it in their initial setup. It will be ingrained in their system in a few weeks and they won't have to change their workflow in a year or two.