TERMINATING an Employee at Your Dental Practice

Every dental practice has to terminate employees. Whether you have a problem with one employee, or you have to eliminate multiple employees for financial reasons, your practice is likely to go through the termination process on more than one occasion. While emotionally difficult for you and the remaining team, terminating an employee also takes time, preparation, and paperwork. By following proper protocols, you seriously reduce the chances that the terminated employee will re-emerge as a litigant in a lawsuit against you.

Prevention is key in keeping the cost of terminations low. Try to do everything you can to avoid firing your team members. You can't always predict the future when hiring new employees, but you can implement some management practices that will reduce the likelihood of terminations. Although you went to school for dentistry, if you are running a practice, you will spend a significant amount of your time addressing management issues. Learn how to be a good communicator. This can be as easy as calling the hygienists and front desk team by their first names, making eye contact, and asking them how things are operating...