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Top Tips from Dental Attorneys

What are common reasons new dentists might need to hire an attorney?

Jason Wood, Esq.: New dentists may want to have an attorney review their associate contract prior to signing up for an associate position. Some of the contracts we see are extremely nasty, with compensation being forfeited even when the dentist follows all of the provisions of the contract.

In addition, any dentist looking to acquire a practice, open a startup, enter into a partnership or acquire real estate always should have a knowledgeable attorney involved as these steps can have a significant impact on a dentist’s career trajectory. 

Frank Recker, DDS, J.D.: New dentists often think of an attorney 'last' on their 'to do' list.  They should consult with legal counsel when purchasing equipment (contracts), leasing an office and before signing an employment contract.

Bill Barrett, Esq:  There’s a number of reasons a new dentist might need an attorney. For starters, when they are   entering into their first employment or Independent Contractor agreement they should have an attorney review the documents. If they are going to start a practice from scratch they would also need an attorney to form a new business entity and review a lease. If they are considering an opportunity to enter into an associate situation with a potential associate buy-in, there are critical agreements to be created and negotiated.  Another example would be if they are looking to acquire a practice right out of school, an attorney would be the primary professional representing their interests.